[RPS] The Natural Flow of Things

Hisashiburi~ or, been a long time! Sorry, my sorely neglected community. I hope to see others of you members posting more recs!

I am ashamed to say I've fallen into the pit of RPS due to Narnia-related obsessery and would like to forward one recommendation in particular (for now).

The Natural Flow of Things by moonythestrals.
Fandom: RPS; Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian (movie)

Reasons I enjoyed it: It made me gibber incoherently. I mean, the smut was lovely. It was also cute characterization and a black Jaguar was involved. And did I mention it was REALLY REALLY HOT?

BRB, going to hell~
Achtung baby!

In Flagrante Delicto

This is for all the incest-loving perverts out there. It's an Ace Attorney fic, with Klavier/Daryan, implied past Kristoph/Klavier, mentions of Daryan/Kristoph and Klavier/Daryan/Kristoph. It melted my brain from both the quality of the smut and the amazing character interactions.

Readable here.
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shigure watching

"Shadows in Starlight" by Vathara [RK/SW]

Because I absolutely love this fanfic and will pimp it at the drop of a hat. =D

This fic fulfilled a need I didn't know I had: to "see" Kaoru Kamiya whack Obi-Wan Kenobi with a bokken. XD XD XD XD XD

"Shadows in Starlight" is an epic (over 130,000 words) crossover fusion AU that combines Ruroni Kenshin and the Star Wars Extended Universe. Vathara seems to thrive on writing crossovers between fandoms you wouldn't think would mesh well at first glance, but turn out surprisingly good. This one is her latest work, and it asks this question: "What if Obi-Wan found more than the tractor beam's location in the Death Star files?" It's AU because Obi-Wan doesn't die on the Death Star--Vathara's a "shameless Obi fan," and when you think about it, he should still be pretty young at the time of "A New Hope." And as one of the reviewers point out, it's a little scary how well RK and its "Watsuki physics" fit into the Star Wars universe.

Oh, and it's gen. I don't recall much violence off-hand, so I think most readers won't have a problem.

And feel free to wander through her other stories/series. I like most of them, and the ones I don't like I either don't have a firm grip on the fandom, or I haven't read it yet. *eyes the GW/SG-1 epic* Although the ones I really want to see more installments of (aside from a possible sequel to this one) are the ones that include Airwolf. :D
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Gundam meisters

Look, wonderful FFXII smut!

I Could Drink A Case of You

Basch/Al-Cid, Basch/Balthier. All kinds of hot - I don't care that it was posted last May, I'm relieving stress by going through pairing comms for smut with my favorite characters tonight and this is satisfying me nicely. The dialogue is easy to hear in the character's voices, I like the archaic word choices, and I have to say again that it's hot. Anytime a guy who's usually seen as the top ends up on bottom, I drool.
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[SPN] Kings and Queens and Jokers, Too

I am reccing this fic in part because twice, I wanted to go back and re-read it and twice, I thought I had it bookmarked, could not find it, and had to dig through my e-mails to find kuwamiko's original link referring me to it.

This rec is a fic in the Supernatural fandom of the Wincest variety. It kind of has spoilers for the season two Trickster episode, "Tall Tales," but can be enjoyed independently of spoilers and indeed, any knowledge of the series whatsoever.

Story: Kings and Queens and Jokers, Too
Author: Astolat
Why I like it: The humor in this is nicely balanced with the smutty bits. In other words it's damned funny, but damned hot too. It has a totally cracktastic premise which fits in well with certain Supernatural canon. Also, I'm a sucker for "getting together" stories and this one is done pretty well though obviously it uses the device of humor to surmount the huge inherent "hey we're siblings" obstacle.

There was a time I watched that show and didn't see anything slashy whatsoever. Now I look back fondly on that first-season watching self and snicker.

[HP] "This Year's Love"

Okay, it's been forever and a day and I figure, I should actually act as the owner of this community and start setting a good example.

dirtyoldlady, luckykitty, are you still interested in co-moderating or should I find some other suckers volunteers?

Anyone can sign up to watch the community, of course, but if you want to join as a member you should be willing to write recommendations. I'm going to try to start actively posting recommendations again and I'd appreciate it if the other members would start doing so too! =)

I come bearing a new recommendation.

It's This Year's Love, a multi-part post-Harry Potter fic centered around the relationship of Albus Severus and Scorpius (commonly known as AS/S fic, heh). It was written by hollycomb and it is absolutely excellent.

Reading this fic was re-living the experience of falling in love all over again; I was swept away in Albus's POV. All of the characterizations in this post-Hallows world nailed the essence of Rowling's characters and took them to this next logical stage of their lives. I also thought the budding relationships, the newness and shiny excitements of being a teenager, and the isolation and potential ruin inherent especially in homosexual relationships were handled in a realistic and sensitive manner.

This story has some adult concepts but everything is very tastefully handled. I'd rate some parts 13+ at most.

Thanks, in turn, to sagejupiter for her recommendation!

Mostly HnG recs, one Firefly rec.

Eheh...it's been a while, huh?

Am obviously trolling mostly for Hikaru no Go fic at this particular junction; keeping tabs on these just for re-reading pleasure, but sharing is good, too!

Stuff I've read in the past forty-eight hours:

That Old Yeh Shen Story
Firefly. Reads, hand over my heart, like an episode of the series. Awesomeness unfolds in slow-revealing layers.

All Strides Lengthen in a Race
Hikaru no Go. Hikaru and Akira join Yashirou in Osaka for a Go convention. Sometimes, you have to be crushed and force yourself to pick up the pieces in order to grow. I love the characterization in this story, and the very subtle Hikaru/Akira notes underlying throughout.

This isn't the Freaking Heian Era
Akira's parents have tried to set up omiai one too many times. Hikaru has grounds for sympathy.

My Stranger, My Son
Hikaru as viewed through his father's eyes. It's a somewhat different take on his father's characterization than I'd go with, but I really like this story.

Breaking a Few Eggs
Ogata and Ashiwara have, hmm, an interesting relationship. 18 and over.

K. Huntsman's Hikaru no Go fic:
"His Name"
"One Precious Thing"

Kristin's Hikaru no Go fic is so completely organic and natural that it put me off the thought of writing HnG fic. She precisely fulfilled a lot of I wanted to see, or what I hadn't even realized I wanted to see from HnG fic, so there was nothing left for me to produce.

Cats in the Cradle
A sweet, simple story from Shindou-okusan's point of view. I love it when mothers are accepting.

Chasing Your Tail
Hikaru and Akira move in. Wacky hijinks ensue. Okay, not really. Kinda cute.

Comfort Levels
Mina!fic, so obviously, it must be read.

More Mina!fic: Akira gets a birthday gift.

Sunny Holiday
Mina!fic: Both Hikaru and I think that Akira has trouble relaxing. Prove us wrong, Akira.

This Aishuu fic took four times to finally load for me. It was worth it!

Conversations over a Go Board
It's cute. And Hikaru is a dense but adorable boy, which is why I love him.

Drunken Promise, Goban, Teaching Go, Present from Afar
Luce's fic is also quite cute.

Lovely shortfics like these make me think warm happy thoughts like "yeah, baby, I totally know who the bitch is in this relationship." Uh, I mean...nothing.

A Game for Two
Sweet sweet sweet sweet. My heart does a little tapdance of joy.

And everyone writes Ogata as a perverted uncle-type because he so totally is.

This was the very first Hikaru no Go fic that I ever read...before I'd seen a single episode or read any of the manga. I do like it, I love the idea of two "hands."

Left-Handed Go
I can just HEAR Hikaru's maniacal cackle. Heh.

One Thing
Oh, I LIKE the Hoyden. "Competitive boytouching." 18 and over, yo.

Life isn't complete without Sabina!fic. And wontons. Mmm. (Dammit, now I'm hungry.)

Tea and Paradigm
The world seems smaller when you realize your parents aren't perfect.

Next up: trolling igo_yaoi and hikarunogo; wish me luck and send a spelunker after me if three days pass with no signs of life.
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(no subject)

A Distant Utopia by Shrift

Fandom: The Authority
Pairing: Apollo/Midnighter
Summary: "Back when they still made temporary homes in abandoned doorways, back when they smelled of wet cardboard and their own filth, he had spent every night running the numbers over and over while Apollo slept, and every time, they ended up on the wrong side of the results."

Why I recommend:
I'm a late comer to the Authority and several things made me despair of ever finding a fic like "A Distant Utopia." For one, Apollo and Midnighter are a canon couple in the comic, and the writers aren't apologetic about it, willing to give us a lot more than you usually see with a canon gay characters in an American comic. But "A Distant Utopia" fills the gaps that are left: the intimate details, the off-screen sex, the kisses that are not always done with justice. Lovely writing, wonderful characterization and to me, the perfect Apollo/Midnighter Authority fanfic.
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It's like this . . .

I've been bitten by another fandom bug -- like I needed another. I've developed a hankering for Andromeda fic, and am having little luck finding it through my usual channels (Viridian5 being pretty much the only author I've found.). Anyone know any? Know any rec sites that might include some? Anything?

(C'mon, you've all had the "Shiny! Must read EVERYTHING!" happen, surely . . .)

Thanks in advance for any leads!
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