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Fandom Recommendations

Whatever Floats Your Boat

Fandom Recs
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You want fanfiction recs? Fandom_recs is the place.

Fandom_recs is a moderated-membership community.

Go right ahead and add it to your friends list! To join, however, drop the moderators an e-mail or IM.


fyredancer, Talya Firedancer
dirtyoldlady, Yoiko
luckykitty, Pluto

Contact one of us to be added to fandom_recs. We are pleasant and reasonable people! Our respective methods of contact are listed in our user info, which you can view by clicking on our usernames.

The purpose of fandom_recs is to create a community where readable fanfiction of any genre can be recommended to any interested parties.

1. Members are screened by a one on one, highly rigorous process whereby you jump through flaming hoops and declare your fan affiliations, then give me your credit card number.

    Actually, prospective members will be asked to give either a sample recommendation or submit sample fanfiction. The moderator will test for readability and accept or decline the application.

2. Members may rec any readable fanfic of any genre from any fandom. Ah, the freedom.

3. What do you mean by "readability?" It's so subjective!

    That's true, Steve-Bob. Readability is subjective. What the moderator(s) look for is fanfiction relatively free of grammar and spelling errors, a beginning, middle, and end, and some reason that made this fic worth reading.

4. Members must post a recommendation some time within their span of membership, be it once a week or once a year.

5. On posting: Try not to post more than five recs per post. One rec per post is ideal. Please put the fic title in the subject header. When you post, make sure to include a) where to find the fic (preferably a link) b) a blurb about the fic c) why you recommend the fic d) anything else you want to say about that fic.

6. Members should read through the community memories to see if the fic has been recommended before. If it has, then link back to that post if you feel you must rec it again, and then justify why you recced it again. ALL recs will be filed away under the community memories, subdivided into fandom. This will be done by the moderators.

7) You can ask for recommendations from the community and the moderator will post the request. The community reserves the right to pass up the request by...lack of response!

8) HAVE FUN! That's what we're here for!